Student Support Team

Our Student Support Team includes the following staff members:
- Principal/Assistant Principal Religious Education
- Support Teacher Inclusive Education 
- Guidance Counsellor
- Inclusion Teacher
- School Officers
This team offers a variety of support including:
  • Provision of guidance and counselling when required
  • Assistance with Student Welfare issues
  • Student assessments and reports (cognitive, behavioural)
  • Staff Professional Development (Cyber Bullying, Student Protection etc)
  • Class Programmes (Social, Positive Behaviour)
  • Provision of on-going support for students with a diagnosis, through the Verification Process
  • Provision of Student Transition Programmes - for students entering Prep or moving to Secondary Education
  • Supporting students with specific identified needs who work from modified/alternate programmes
  • Support may include academic; social/emotional; speech; fine &gross motor; and other specific tasks for individual students/groups
  • Support may be individual 1:1; small groups; classroom; withdrawn students or groups.