Music/Drama Lessons

All students attend a weekly Music/Drama lesson.  Choir, Band and the Instrumental Music Program are optional activities. 



Star of the Sea has two award winning choirs:

Stella Maris Minis (Years 2-3)

Stella Maris Voices (Years 4-6)

Each year the Choir aims to compete in the Eisteddfod, at which the choirs have been successful in the past.



Our Band is designed to enable students to play music together on their instruments, particularly music that is Christian based.  Band is open to students from Year 3 - 6.  Students need to have an instrument to play on and either be having lessons weekly with their instrument teacher, or be able to play their instrument including being able to read music.  Band is not designed for beginner students who are not having lessons.  Vocal students are most welcome to participate in Band.


Instrumental Music Progam

Students have the option of enroling in Instrumental Music lessons.  Music tuition is paid directly to the Music Tutors at the beginning of each Term.