Sr Scholly Library Resource Centre

The library houses a wide range of Reference, Information and Fiction resources for the children to access. All students have a regular visit to the Library and during this time they are encouraged to borrow resources.
The students are welcome to come to the library during first lunch break, when a Teacher is on duty. They can read, borrow, draw, play games, catch up on homework, do writing or use the library computers for school work (assignments, LOTE etc).
The library is fully automated and uses the web based program, Oliver. Our catalogue can be searched online by clicking the Oliver link on the Parent and Student Portals.
On a practical note, we strongly urge you to provide a named library bag for your children. This prevents damage and loss of books. It is also really helpful if you can help your children to remember their borrowing day, so they get into a regular routine of borrowing, reading and returning their resources.  Parents are always welcome to come to the library to share a book with their children.
Bookclub operates at least eight times per year, usually twice per term. There is one Brochure for all year levels which is  sent home with students. Star of the Sea is registered for LOOP - Linked Online Ordering and Payment platform for parents.  Simply log on the the LOOP website - to order and pay online. Alternatively return the of=rder form to school with payment.  The school sends all the orders in together and the books are delivered to the school. Books are then delivered to students to take home. The Library is able to hold an order and deliver to parents if the item is for a special occasion, just make note of this on the order form. The school receives a percentage of all orders to obtain resources for the school. Thank you for your support.
Reading with your Children
Parents and family members are valuable partners with the class teacher and school library staff in encouraging children in their literacy development. It is our aim to help children to develop a lifelong love of reading and develop a thirst for knowledge.
Reading aloud and sharing stories with your child is a great way to spend time together. Even better, reading and storytelling helps promote language, literacy and brain development. Take some time to read with your children, or alternatively talk with them about what they are currently reading. After all, we all spend way too much time watching TV, so take a few precious minutes each day, turn off the television or computer and READ!