Covid 19 Update

​​​​As COVID-19 remains active in our community we ask you to continue to monitor your child’s/children’s health and if they develop any flu-like symptoms:

  • Keep your child/children at home
  • Seek a PCR or Rapid Antigen test where it is recommended and notify the school of positive results. Please be aware, a negative COVID test does not change the requirement to be symptom free to attend school.
  • Follow the advice of Queensland Health

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, please remind your child/ren to: 

  • maintain good hand hygiene at all times
  • cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the inside of their elbow and dispose of tissues in the bin immediately.
  • practice social distancing from others where possible
  • wear masks when required

We will continue to work closely with health authorities to keep our school community informed of any developments and advice. Thank you once again for your ongoing support.