School Board

The Star of the Sea School Board was formed in late 1990. It is a team who plan and approve policies that express authentic Gospel Values.....policies which give direction to the school and which promote its distinctive identity. In addition to policymaking, the Board concerns itself in the provision and maintenance of school buildings and plant; budgeting; communications between Board; school and parish; curriculum, and has an advisory role in the area of staffing. The School Board has three parent members who are elected every two years, a staff member, a member from the Parish Council, the Parish Priest and the Principal.


Mr Austin McMahon


Mr Trevor Brown

Mrs Tania Riley

Mrs Lesa Landon

Mrs Sonia Pronk

Mrs Susan Abel

Mrs Tracey Mason


Parent member

Mrs Lesley Tracey

Parish Pastoral Council Member

Mr Patrick Colley


Fr Joseph-Hien Van Vo

Parish Priest