School Finance

Star of the Sea is a Parish School. Finance for the construction and running of the school comes from:

  • School Fees (levys and school fees) 
  • government grants
  • Limited fundraising
  • Parents & Friends Association
  • Personal contributions - these make up the difference between government grants and actual costs. It is impossible to build and run a school on government grants alone.

School Construction

The construction of classrooms and other essential school facilities were originally a parish responsibility but as the school has grown this responsibility has been taken over by the parents through the school building fund. ALL FAMILIES pay a building fund contribution. This is to be paid at the school. Like school fees this may be paid by the fortnight, month, term or year. The levy is reviewed annually in light of our capital debt commitments. This contribution is collected at school and sent to the Archdiocesan Building Fund (our Bank) to meet our monthly repayments on school loans.

Building Fund

Star of the Sea has a compulsory building fund levy that was initiated to meet the cost of loan repayments for buildings as well as the maintenance of those buildings. As it is a compulsory levy, unfortunately this levy is not tax deductible. If you are feeling generous, any additional contribution made to our building fund is 100% tax deductible. These extra donations are greatly appreciated and greatly help fund our building projects. The building levy is set each year by the School Board in light of the capital debt and maintenance required.