National Partnerships 2012


Star of the Sea Literacy Plan 2012




2.1 Enhanced pedagogical practice that is data-informed and evidence-based.

Professional development twilight session for staff, focused on the collection and use of data to improve student learning.


Focus on the use of data to inform English planning; teaching/learning adjustments for individual students to improve student learning.

Term 3.





 Term 4.

2.2 Implementation of the Australian Curriculum within the context of the BCE

Learning Framework as a means of realising equity and excellence.

Provide a planning template for English to ensure a consistent whole school approach to the planning, teaching, assessing and reporting of English; as intended by the Australian Curriculum – English.

The Australian Curriculum – English is used to plan for teaching & learning and assessment in all year levels.


English term plans contain teaching & learning activities and assessment based on the content of the Australian Curriculum – English, evidence of General Capabilities and Cross Curricular Priorities.


Term 1













Four English unit plans per year level by November.

2.3 Improved literacy and numeracy standards.

Focused literacy and numeracy sessions delivered to students in preparation for NAPLAN tests.


Students engage with literacy activities based on the standards of the Australian Curriculum.


5 weeks, Terms 1 and 2.





2.8 School leadership teams and classroom teachers have well developed

capacities to utilise information, communication and learning technologies to improve learning and teaching.

Staff ipad trial, focusing on the functions of the device and the use of educational apps to support the teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy.


LNIT provides support to classroom teachers for the use of web tools for the teaching and learning of literacy.


Christmas holidays, 2011/2012.







All year.

3.3 A comprehensive approach to staff well-being and development including professional learning, professional standards, performance management and pastoral care.

Develop staff PCK (pedagogical content knowledge) with regard to the Australian Curriculum – English.



Develop staff competence and confidence in planning for literacy.








 Independent planning goal, November, 2012.


4.3 The formation and professional learning of staff is clearly evident in budget priorities.

Time allocated for teachers to collaboratively plan literacy, each term.


4.5 Information and learning management systems enhance student and staff

engagement with learning, teaching and school operations.

e-document to be created to store and access whole school student assessment data.


Staff to input student assessment data.


NAPLAN Kit of teaching resources to be created to support staff in preparing students for annual NAPLAN testing and the teaching of literacy and numeracy.


Establish a space on the portal for the sharing of Professional Learning amongst staff.

By end of Term 1.




 Semester 2.



By end of Term 2.







 Term 2