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It’s great to be back in sports mode once again. I will be conducting try outs for students who are born 2002, 2003, 2004 (10/11/12 year olds) who feel they are skilled in the following sports e.g. they already play this sport competitively or were selected last year. Depending on the sport, approximately 5 students will be selected to try out for the Hervey Bay Zone Team of that particular sport.  Students may bring a playing shirt to change into at lunch time if they feel their uniform is too hot.

  Lunch Time Trials






Week 4 – Friday 21st Feb

1.35pm – 2.00pm

Boys  softball

Bring own glove if possible

Senior Oval

*Can’t do AFL if doing softball

Week 4 – Friday 21st Feb

1.35pm – 2.00pm

Girls softball trials

Bring own glove if possible

Week 5 — Thursday

1.35 – 2.00pm


Boys Basketball

Girls Basketball

Hall *Can’t do BB if doing Touch

Week 6 — Wednesday

11.00 – 11.25

Girls Touch Trials

Senior oval

Week 6 — Friday

1.35pm – 2.00pm

Boys Touch Trials

Senior Oval

Week 6 — Fri 7th March

9.15am – 2.30pm

Boys AFL Gala Day – used for selection

*Training every Thurs until Gala Day

Bay Power AFC, TBC –      
* can still compete on the day if doing softball but cannot be considered for selection

 27th March (Thursday) Netball, Hockey, U/12 Rugby League, Football (soccer),Tennis


NEW WIDE BAY SPORTS RULE – Some Wide Bay team sports are being run on the same day. Therefore students cannot trial at HB level for more than 1 sport per line (see below):

AFL or Softball

Touch or Basketball

Netball, RL U/12, Football, Hockey, Tennis

Sports dates to remember this term




Week 3/4

Cross Country training commences

Week 4

6/7 team sports training begins on Fridays for Gala Day (BRING ALL GEAR)

Fri 7th March (week 6)

AFL Boys Gala Day

Fri 14th  March (week 7)

Grade 6/7 Gala Day

Fri 28th  March (week 9)

Star of the Sea Whole School Cross Country



Every year we encourage our athletes to do their very best in their cross country race. Most athletes will be competing against themselves not necessarily each other as everyone is rewarded with an all-natural juice ice block and a small prize at the end of their race.

1st to 4th place will receive a place ribbon. 1st place will be awarded age champion. Students who are selected to represent SOS at the HB Zone Cross Country will receive an information/permission note the following week.

In order to produce prizes we rely heavily on donations from our Star of the Sea community. If you own or are part of a business we will print your business card in the program and try to give each business a plug on the day. We do not expect all families to donate. Please email Billie Willis on (scan and attach your business card) or write a note regarding what you will be donating and attach a business card.  Please have donations in by Tuesday 11th March.   Many thanks! Every little bit helps.

You can donate girls/boys gifts (no more than $4 per prize can be $1) or money to purchase gifts (receipt issued).  If you have a very large donation we usually raffle it off to parents and use the raffle money for a needy cause. This will be advertised accordingly.  You can send in prizes as early as you wish.

We are also looking for course officials on the day.  Perhaps you might be able to officiate when your child is not racing.  No special requirements but you will be standing (bring a hat).  Please let Billie know via email, phone message or note.

If you’re keen to encourage your child to train outside school hours the distances are listed below:

Prep – 200m, Year 1— 430m, Year  2 – 700m, Year 3 – 1km, Born 2005 – 1.3km,
Born 2004, 2003, 2001 & (2002 who are doing the shorter distance) – 2km  and born 2002 – 2.6km

Stay tuned for more cross country information.

Yours in Sport

Billie Willis & Tanya Armstrong (P.E. Department Star of the Sea School)