Student Support

News from Learning Support

Teresa Jirasek(APRE)
Clinton Davies(GC)
Jenny Bill ( Pastoral/ Chaplain)
Debra Quinn ( Inclusion Teacher)
Margaret Blomeley (Support Teacher)
School Officers Team
Administration (APRE) ~ Teresa Jiresek
~ Attend weekly meetings.
~ Take relevant topics to Admin team meetings. Report back to team.
~Discuss certain student issues with Guidance when needed. Follow these through with Guidance.
~ Provide support with particular students eg behaviour challenges.
~ Chair the Parent meetings when necessary.
 Guidance Counsellor (GC) ~ Clinton Davies
Attend weekly SS Team meetings.
~ At School : Alternate Wednesdays; Thursday & Friday
~Work with school community: students, staff & families.
~ Provide guidance and counselling when required.
~ Student assessments & reports
eg cognitive, behavioural
~ PD to staff : Cyber Bullying; Student Protection etc
~ Review Meetings & IEP writing with Families & Staff.
~ Class programmes eg Social, Positive Behaviour.
~ Student sessions: individual & small group.
~ Social EmotionalWelfare Committee.
Pastoral/Chaplain ~ Jenny Bill
Attend weekly SS Team meetings.
~ Support students, families and staff.
~ Provide connections for Team with Parish.
~ Inform Team of student & family needs when appropriate.
~ Organise Whole School activities.       
~ Involved with Wider community organisations and events.  
~ Facilitator of Care & Concern Group.
~ Assists with Student Welfare issues.
  Inclusion Teacher ~ Debra Quinn
Inclusion Teacher ( II & ASD students)
~ Attend weekly SS Team meetings.
~ At School: Thursday & alternate Wednesdays.
~ Work with CTs & SOs to plan programmes for ASD/II students only.
~ Sessions with students.
~ Meet with parents eg Review meetings & IEP writing.
~ Assessments for students as part of Student Support Team.
  Support Teacher ~ Marg Blomeley
Under direction of Principal.
~ Work collaboratively with staff to support them; Student needs: identify/assess /provide intervention/ assist planning.
~ Encourage Inclusive practices across the school community.
~ Work with Class Teachers (CTs) in planning programmes, in classrooms when required, and with specific programmes/students: HI, PI, SLI, Soc/Em./LD/G&T            
~ Communicate with families : Review Meetings & IEP Writing.
~ Weekly meetings : Agenda & minutes.
~ Whole School Data.
~ Organise TT & PD for Volunteers for classroom assistance.
~ Assist with applications for assistance/ funding eg Indigenous, Literacy, Autism Qld, Epilepsy, Additional Personal Support (APS), Students in Care of the State etc
~ Medi Alert & health management student plans.
~ TT for SOs to assist in class/ with students.
Role : Under SS Team guidance, support students with specific identified needs who work from modified/alternate programmes.
~Support may include academic; social/emotional; speech; fine &gross motor; and other specific tasks for individual students/groups.
~Support may be individual 1:1; small groups; classroom; withdrawn students or groups.
~ Do not carry our student assessment for reporting, as this is the Class Teachers role.
Class teachers:                                                                      
  ~Have the Student Support Team referral sheet.
~ Read Student File, Student Transition Record, Whole School Data. Chat with SS Team members.
~ Chat to former Class Teacher (CT) if possible.
~ Chat with parents.
~ Complete referral sheet/ give to SS Team.
~ Team will discuss student needs/ may invite you to attend meeting. Discuss with you   the best plan for the student.
~ Action Plan sheet to both CT & family.
~ Student added to Whole School Data to monitor progress & future needs.
~ If accessing Guidance Counselling(GC) assistance, families are asked to complete a Parent permission /referral form. The Guidance Counsellor will then contact the family, after chatting with the Class Teacher.