School Survey

​​​​Both Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School and Xavier Catholic College seek to develop in students, communal obligations and aspirations, to espouse values which unite society and to promote citizenship infused by a commitment to social justice. Both schools also provide a quality, affordable and well-rounded education for all students. 

In recent years we have noticed a decline in the number of students from Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School entering secondary school at Xavier Catholic College. In an attempt to gain feedback on this trend, we would like to hear from you. 

​Below are a number of questions we would like you to answer. Your responses will remain anonymous but will provide us with valuable data as we work together to ensure that Catholic education remains a priority for students leaving Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School. I would also encourage you to complete this survey with your child.

Thank you for your time. t-Survey?school=sots4655​ ​