Star of the Sea School recognises the vital role which parents have to play in the education of their children and encourage their co-operation and involvement. Parental support is strongly encouraged in all areas of the curriculum.
Confidentiality regarding students and their needs is an important aspect of class involvement.
As a community which cares for the welfare of all its members, Star of the Sea is committed to the ongoing safety of the children and adults who live, work and learn in our school environment. In order to most effectively do this, we need to have a shared understanding with paid and volunteer staff at our school of suitable and unsuitable behaviours. A process needs to be in place to support members of the community when starting to work with our school community.
To ensure this program is proactive rather than reactive it is important that we implement sound preventive practices into all aspects of life in our school. It will require a culture of communion involving all members of the community in being aware, gathering information and passing it on through the correct processes to ensure the removal or reduction of any incidents where possible before they become problematic.
At Star of the Sea  we are blessed with many who support our learning initiatives. Due to a legislative requirement, it is now mandatory that all volunteers (including parents of students) as well as staff undergo student protection training. Brisbane Catholic Education has developed a training package to help facilitate this process. This package is for people not employed by Brisbane Catholic Education, rather people who would like to work in our school in a volunteer capacity.
Another change of practice resulting from this legislation, is that all volunteers must sign in and out of the front office when working in the school. A sign in/out book is located in the front foyer of the Office, along with volunteer labels. Please remember to sign in via the Office before moving to other areas of the school.